Sinoveda’s Long Covid Product Attracts International Attention

The Health Brand’s Long Covid Formula Is Selling Fast in International Markets and Will Soon Come to North America

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sinoveda is a health brand that is bringing innovative, herbally-based precision to drug discovery. The company’s research team, led by co-founders Dr. Nuzhat Tam-Zaman and Dr. Yun K. Tam, has created their patented pharmaceutical platform technology (PPT), which they use to study herbs with a historical record of efficacy.

Through the use of the AI and machine learning-powered PPT framework, Sinoveda seeks to understand why traditional healing plants have their unique effects. Rather than isolate individual components, this research is used to identify, develop, and standardize novel combination therapies which tap into the synergistic potency only found in nature.

Sinoveda’s disciplined approach to drug development has led to the creation of a pair of popular products that are already on the market. The brand’s high-performing pain relief cream, Proflexa, and its calcium supplement, Effecti-Cal, are already well-known with its Canadian and Hong Kong customer base and are quickly becoming recognizable health products in the U.S., as well.

However, Sinoveda’s philosophy isn’t built around addressing a single or limited number of health needs. The company’s slogan is the open-ended and continuous motto of “The Science of Healing!” This perpetual focus on improving people’s health through the disciplined study of nature led to Sinoveda’s recent overseas release of a new product to help with the impact of Long Covid.

“In Hong Kong, the product is called AntiCo, while in Canada, we’ve labeled it Cordyva,” explains Dr. Nuzhat, “In either case, the contents are the same. This is a botanical pharmaceutical called SCI-2213. We developed the formula using three active ingredients that we carefully studied using our AI-assisted PPT tool.”

The symptoms of Long Covid are varied and numerous, including shortness of breath, fatigue, and cognitive impairment. Dr. Nuzhat explains that the brand’s new formula has anti- inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-thrombotic, anti-ibrotic, and immunomodulation properties. This allows it to address a wide variety of symptoms however these may present themselves.

Preliminary human observations have been encouraging. 24 subjects with COVID and Long COVID responded positively to 11 symptoms within two days of treatment. However, further clinical trials are required to establish the safety and effectiveness of SCI-2213. The goal is to develop this botanical pharmaceutical into a safe and effective treatment for Long Covid. To this end, a proper clinical trial is being planned to test the efficacy and safety of SCI-2213.

As clinical trials take place and Sinoveda moves to launch the product in the U.S. and Canada, other areas of the market have jumped on this novel, botanically-based solution much faster. AntiCo was already approved in Hong Kong, where over 1500 units were sold in the first month after launch. Dr. Nuzhat and the rest of the Sinoveda team hope to bring more promising reports of the product’s safety and eficacy in the near future as they move to provide long- term health support to North Americans struggling with the protracted effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

About Sinoveda

The name “Sinoveda” is derived from Chinese and Bangladeshi, the two cultures of the company’s founders, renowned pharmaceutical scientists and spouses Dr. Yun K. Tam and Dr. Nuzhat Tam-Zaman. Sinoveda was founded in 2006 and is based in Edmonton, Alberta. The health-science company utilizes its founders’ 50-plus years of combined experience in drug development to focus on R&D and further pharmaceutical progress, primarily through its proprietary vanguard PPT® (Pharmaceutical Platform Technology). Learn more at


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