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At SinoVeda, we believe that your health and well-being matter most. We develop premium quality botanical-based natural health products, supplements, and prescription medicines for optimum human health. We bridge the wisdom of natural medicine with pharmaceutical precision. Our diverse and brilliant team works together to create a better life for others by developing effective and affordable medicines that will be globally accessible.

What makes us different from other pharmaceutical companies is our patented Pharmaceutical Platform Technology® (PPT®), developed by Dr. Yun K. Tam in 2006. We use PPT® to identify and optimize multiple bioactives in plants for ideal human absorption. Our product value comes from our selection of premium quality ingredients and perfected ingredient ratios innovated to work synergistically within the human body to be most effective and consistent batch after batch.

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Our Technology

SinoVeda’s world class team of scientists uses Dr. Tam’s Pharmaceutical Platform Technology (PPT®) to isolate, quantify and standardize the active and inactive absorbable ingredients from botanical sources using molecular pharmacology, analytical chemistry, computational engineering and physics to develop precise medicinal compounds that absorb seamlessly and consistently in the human body. This complicated process distills the unique multi-active ingredients and allows the creation of multi-target products.

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Our Products

Beta Glucan-250 mg (prebiotic) NPN: 80061095

Upper respiratory tract infections

Gingko Biloba (capsule) NPN: 80006255

Cognitive functions and tinnitus

Beta Glucan-500 mg (prebiotic) NPN: 80062578

Upper respiratory tract infections

Hunaza®: Eczema Rescue (topical cream) NPN: 80079375

Eczema, psoriasis, skin irritation and itches

Cordyceps (funghi) NPN: 80088300

Boost immunity and prevents cancer

Lingzhi (mushroom) Ganoderma Lucidum Softgel Capsules NPN: 80049913

Boost immunity and prevents cancer

Echinacea (capsule) NPN: 80005576

Cold and flu symptoms

Morning Lingzhi (LG+BG) NPN: N/A

Boost immunity and prevents cancer

EffectiCal® (oral liquid) NPN: 80070139

Bone health and prevents osteoporosis

Panax Ginseng (oral) NPN: 80013888

Energy and overall well being

EffectiCal® (powder) NPN: 80082284

Bone health and prevents osteoporosis

Proflexa (topical cream) NPN: 80051669

Arthritis and muscle and joint pain

EffectiCal® (tablets) NPN: 80026111

Bone health and prevents osteoporosis

St. John's Wort (capsule) NPN: 80004867

Elevate mood and prevents depression

*All products are available upon request: [email protected]

Customer Testimonials

  • "I have one knee bone to bone, and arthritis in one hip. Have tried MANY products. Most smell strong, work for a short time, then pain returns. THIS LASTS all day AND through the night. Very subtle smell that disappears, and pleasant consistency. Started helping on first use... Still slept great without reapplying! This is a miracle product. Doctors should be prescribing ProFlexa to their patients. Thank you Proflexa." - Dumitru (Amazon.com)
  • "SinoVeda has found a perfect combination of impeccable science and cutting-edge technology."- Dr. Jack A. Tuszynski, Ph.D. Allard Research Chair, Department of Oncology | Professor, Department of Physics | University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • "I tried many products with minimal results. Never lasted l long and always got woken up at night in pain. Well I tried Proflexa Arthritis Cream and I slept through the night. First time in a long time. Used it again in the morning got to work and forgot about the pain. This is the first time in a long time that my aching joints got in the way. This stuff is great." - Walid Faiz (Amazon.com)
  • "The overall use of Hunaza is very VERY useful. I loved it and have am very pleased with it. I will be ordering more. Very Happy Customer (and the support is amazing as well! :)" - John Edwards (Facebook)
  • "I ordered the Proflexa Arthritis Cream thinking it was going to be like all the rest. OMG !! was I ever mistaken. I have very painful knees & at night I wake up in suck pain I could cry, however when I rub this cream on my knees before going to bed I actually sleep all night long. No waking up in pain. I would highly recommend this to anyone with sore muscles, aches & pains. Thank You Proflexa Arthritis Pain Reliever." - Elvi (Amazon.com)
  • "Very Impressed with this product, it has proven to be very effective treating my eczema." - Kendra Little (Facebook)
  • "Good cream for joint pain for my mother and spirt injuries for myself. Usually don’t trust medical products on amazon but this one worked out well. I do sports and I’m getting injuries all the time. It helps with my injuries a lot. My mom who’s getting older also has a need for this aswell and she’s enjoying this cream." - Young A. Song (Amazon.com)
  • "I have known and used the products created by Dr. Tam for more than a decade. Dr. Tam has pioneered the use of traditional Chinese medicine products formulated to the highest standards of Western pharmaceutical science. Proflexa is the best product in its class and my entire family has been using it frequently for bone or muscle aches and pains resulting from our active lifestyle. Proflexa works like a charm and has no side effects. I highly recommend it for daily use. Sinoveda has found a perfect combination of impeccable science and cutting-edge technology." - Dr. Jack A. Tuszynski, Ph.D. Allard Research Chair, Department of Oncology | Professor, Department of Physics | University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • "This pleasantly-scented, analgesic cream has a touch of magic in it, which mitigates pain -in short order- after it is applied to an affected area. I keep a tube of Proflexa on my nightstand for when some ache bothers me enough to enter my sleepy awareness and wake me up. I also use it when awake and feeling physical pain from something I did to myself, or that happened to me inadvertently that caused treatable distress. Read More - Cornelia Arnold LCSW Psycho-Dynamic/Body-Centered Trauma Therapist, Alexandria, Virginia, USA