Sempera Organics and Sinoveda Canada Partner to Advance Mushroom Testing and Innovations

Sempera Organics (Morgan Hill, CA), recently announced that it signed an MOU (memorandum of understanding) with Sinoveda Canada Inc. to accelerate the development of fungi-based wellness ingredients and products.

“Sempera is on a mission to identify, validate and deliver fungi bio-actives that target human conditions such as cognition, sleep, stress, anxiety and gut flora health, among others,” said Nirmal Nair, CEO and Founder of Sempera Organics. According to the company, Sempera has built up a genetic library of fungi species and focuses on the growth, optimization and extraction of actives from fungi mycelia. It recently launched the Core family of mushroom species blends (or stacks) targeting aging, cognition, immunity, gut health and performance. The top applications for its powders, blends and extracts are for dietary supplements (capsules, gummies, soft gels and beverages) and functional inclusions into food & beverages.“

According to the company, Sinoveda has developed an advanced technology that uses data to speed up the development of plant-based medicines and health products. They have created special formulas using natural ingredients like red clover, calcium, cannabis and cordyceps, and have even obtained patents for these pharmaceutical blends.

According to Yun Tam, PhD, president and CSO of Sinoveda Canada Inc., plant-based medicines have been used by different cultures for a very long time. Sinoveda’s goal is to prove that these mixtures are effective and make them even better by testing thousands of combinations. They use a digital system to study how different compounds work together and create more powerful effects.

Tam also mentioned the incredible potential of bioactive compounds found in fungi for future therapies. According to Tam, Sinoveda is able to identify important compounds in fungi and, together with Sempera, they can produce them efficiently and refine them to create high-quality products. This partnership is a perfect match for their shared business goals.

Nair said, “Sinoveda’s demonstrated ability to develop formulations qualified as investigational new drugs without swaying away from nature is a perfect match for our ambitious plans to develop high-value ingredients and products from a rich diversity of fungi for numerous health and wellness concerns.”

According to Nair, by working together, Sempera and Sinoveda plan to bring to market scientifically backed and proven products that brands can use to deliver impactful solutions to their consumers. “Ancient cultures have well documented evidence of utilizing fungi for health and wellness, he said. “We are using science and modern technology to focus on the specific ingredients from this vast natural source. And importantly, bringing fungi into mainstream usage and accessibility for everyone. Working with Tam’s team will help us accelerate this process, ultimately providing our brand partners with numerous opportunities for product innovation.”