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Positive clinical results for EffectiCal® compared to Caltrate®

EDMONTON, Alberta (May 21, 2014 ): SinoVeda Canada Inc. today announces positive clinical results for EffectiCal® from its 24-week double-blind, randomized comparative clinical trial in post-menopausal women.

The results showed that EffectiCal®, a supplement containing 300mg of calcium, was equally as effective as Caltrate® (600mg calcium) and vitamin D3 in measurements of bone formation and bone resorption. Additionally, subjects in this study who received EffectiCal® had significantly fewer gastrointestinal side effects than those taking Caltrate®.

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Pharmaceutical Platform Technology (PPT)® is a patented technology owned and developed by SinoVeda Canada Inc. Improving on an existing in vitro/in silico physiologically based pharmacokinetic/ pharmacodynamic model, PPT® identifies and quantifies multiple active ingredients and their interactions in herbal products, optimizing absorption of the essential ingredients and the therapeutic efficacy and safety of clinically valuable botanicals.

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