Product Description

ProFlexa® is a topical cream containing a proprietary mixture of active herbal ingredients engineered to relieve muscle and joint pain, swelling, and inflammation in those suffering from arthritis. ProFlexa®’s herbal composition was chosen from a number of traditional Chinese medicines historically used to treat injuries and arthritis.

The formula was optimized using SinoVeda’s patented Pharmaceutical Platform Technology® (PPT) to consistently and effectively relieve symptoms associated with arthritis. The unique combination of ingredients improves ProFlexa®’s overall effectiveness and consistency in relieving the symptoms of arthritis and other rheumatic diseases.

ProFlexa is a registered natural health product with Health Canada.

ProFlexa®, a topical cream.

Problems with Existing Products

There are a number of oral and topical treatment options available for arthritis; however, these are challenged by a number of issues. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are associated with ulcers, stomach bleeding, cardiovascular complications, and liver damage. Corticosteroids depress immune function and may cause osteoporosis, while traditional treatments only address specific symptoms such as pain without treating multiple symptoms or underlying issues.


  • Targets multiple areas of the injury site
  • Increases blood flow to deliver nutrients
  • Reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation
  • Improves healing and mobility over time
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