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At SinoVeda, our mission is to create nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals from natural sources that improve the quality of life of our customers by alleviating painful symptoms and providing a reliable method of preventative protection. Our awarding-winning team use a patented Pharmaceutical Platform Technology (PPT)® to constantly develop and refine our formulas, producing results that are safe, reliable, efficient and affordable. Find out more about SinoVeda’s coming products below!




Containing Red Yeast Rice (RYR), a powerful ingredient often used in Traditional Chinese Medicine Lorecho® is an upcoming nutraceutical designed to lower blood cholesterol. SinoVeda’s new formula seeks to harness the beneficial components of red yeast rice in conjunction with other natural botanicals to produce a safe and efficient product for adults.



RC-1341 is a new drug in development designed to promote vaginal wellness, combat vaginal atrophy, and treat other post-menopausal symptoms.



Lotuda® is a product featuring a powerhouse blend of three commonly used Chinese herbs. Throughout our development process, the Lotuda has been shown to lower blood sugar and increase overall endurance, making it an ideal supplement for a healthy lifestyle.