2018 Aug 10th

Did you know that one in five (20%) of Canadians are currently living with arthritis? As the most prevalent chronic health condition, arthritis can profoundly affect quality of life if left undiagnosed and untreated. While there is currently no cure, a combination of healthy lifestyle choices paired with natural treatments can help to alleviate minor to moderate symptoms and serve as an effective form of pain management. Learn more about arthritis, early indicators to watch for, and reliable natural methods of treatment below.

*Dependent on the severity and type of arthritis. Always consult with your physician to determine the best course of treatment.

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. There are over 100 different kinds of arthritis that can affect individuals of all ages, though the most common demographic for diagnosis are adults age 65 or older. Approximately 1 in 2 adults in this category displaying signs of joint inflammation. Despite the diversity in varieties of arthritis, there are two main types that are most likely to occur in adults: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


Osteoarthritis is the most common type of joint inflammation and involves damage to the cartilage of your joints, eventually resulting in your bones grinding together once the cartilage’s protective coating has worn through. Wear and tear caused by continuous impact may occur over a long period, or as the result of an acute injury.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes the body to attack itself, damaging the lining of the synovial membrane, which encloses and protects your joints. As the disease progresses, it can eventually destroy both the cartilage and bone within the joint.

Who is At Risk?

Arthritis is most prevalent in older adults and the elderly, but can affect people from all walks of life. There is no single indicator of likelihood to develop arthritis prior to symptoms appearing, that said, known risk factors include:

  • Genetic disposition
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Existing repetitive stress injuries
  • Obesity

Signs and Symptoms

Unlike other afflictions, arthritis symptoms usually develop over time. First signs may include joint pain, progressive stiffness, swelling, loss of mobility, and in certain cases, even fatigue. Loading bearing joints such as the hips, knees, and lower back tend to be the first affected, though it is not unusual for older individuals to experience symptoms in their fingers, neck, and toes.

Natural Treatments and Sources of Relief

If you have begun to develop the symptoms above, it is best to consult with your doctor before determining any course of treatment. A medical professional will be able to confirm your diagnosis, as well as identify if there are any other factors that may contributing to your pain. Once you have clearly identified the source of your ailments, you can move forward with a plan to treat any acute areas, as well as long term maintenance. This often involves a combination of mild lifestyle changes and non-steroidal topical treatments that help decrease inflammation and swelling.

Positive daily changes for recently diagnosed adults often include:

  • Reaching and maintaining a heathy weight to reduce strain on joints
  • Introducing a low-impact exercises like swimming and walking
  • Utilizing hot and cold therapy to treat swollen joints and ligaments.

A Quick Overview of Topical Treatments

As mentioned above, topical ointment and creams are a popular method of relieving the pain caused by joint inflammation. Products like Proflexa® offer those with arthritis a safe, naturally based, and easy to use way to manage the day to day symptoms of arthritis.

What is Proflexa®?

Proflexa® is a topical cream containing a proprietary mixture of active herbal ingredients specifically engineered to relieve muscle and joint pain, as well as inflammation caused by arthritis. Carefully selected ingredients like camphor, clove oil, frankincense and myrrh borrowed from Traditional Chinese Medicine principles and developed using SinoVeda’s Patented Pharmaceutical Platform Technology® (PPT) is a novel product to relieve such symptoms associated with arthritis, muscle and joint pain. When used frequently, the cream helps increase blood flow, relive pain and inflammation, remove clots and swelling, target multiple afflicted areas, and improve mobility of aching joints over time.

Proflexa® offers a safe alternative to other non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs which carry the risk of ulcers, stomach bleeding, and liver damage. It also acts as an alternative to corticosteroids, which depress immune function and may cause osteoporosis

Proflexa® is safe for use by most adults, but is not recommend for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children under two. Use with children ages 2-12 must be supervised by an adult.  To learn more about the benefits of Proflexa®, along with the SinoVeda’s other leading natural pharmaceuticals, contact our team today!