2018 Aug 21st

At SinoVeda, our mission is to create nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals from natural sources that improve the quality of life of our customers by alleviating painful symptoms and providing a reliable method of preventative protection. Each one of SinoVeda’s products is carefully crafted using our patented Pharmaceutical Platform Technology (PPT)®. Our award-winning process identifies and quantifies active ingredients, as well as their interactions with herbal products to ensure optimal absorption and therapeutic efficiency.

Proven, Patented, Technology

PPT®, SinoVeda’s patented development platform was created to address one of the most challenging hurdles found in the creation of registered botanical products. Holistic methods, along with herbal medicine have been in practice for centuries, with numerous benefits and results reported. However, because of the more modernized view of “one component treating one area of the body”, there tends to be and inherent challenge when it comes aligning the two methodologies.

SinoVeda developed our PPT® platform to facilitate the identification of the multiple active ingredients in botanical products, as well as the absorptive and interaction information of all components. Using PPT®, SinoVeda is able to derive the optimal combination of active ingredients for therapeutic effect and generate exacting CMC (chemistry, manufacturing and control) specifications suitable for pharmaceutical development, which enables significant new patent coverage. Further pharmaceutical development can then follow the pre-existing abbreviated botanical drug approval guidelines in place in American, European, and Japanese regulatory authorities, among others.

The result of our PPT® process? Trust-worthy, fast acting botanical products that make a difference in the daily lives of our customers.

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