2015 Oct 13th

EDMONTON and RIO DE JANEIRO (October 13, 2015): SinoVeda Canada Inc. and JSL R&D Health Innovations announce the signing of a business development agreement for Brazil. JSL will be responsible for the promotion of SinoVeda’s products and services to Brazilian companies.

Dr. Jaderson Lima, MSc. M.D., the founder and chief consulting officer of JSL, is a consultant with extensive experience encompassing a 30-year university career in Brazil, including an executive position in the Sanofi Group (Medical Director/Medical and Scientific Alliances Director, 1999–2015). He is a member of several medical and scientific societies and co-founder of the Brazilian Alliance of Clinical Research. JSL R&D Health Innovations has established a partnership with Equifarma, headed by Mr. Helio Anastácio, a senior executive with outstanding experience in the Brazilian and Latin American life science industry (Pfizer, Sanofi, and Farmasa) to foster the biotechnology and healthcare business in Brazil, encompassing partnerships with local and international companies.

Dr. Yun Tam, who is president, chief scientific officer, and co-founder of SinoVeda Canada Inc., stated, “We are very happy to be working with Dr. Jaderson Lima, a distinguished medical researcher who we have known for many years, and Mr. Helio Anastácio, a highly regarded senior business executive in the Brazilian life science industry. We believe that our products are highly competitive with existing local products from both clinical and quality perspectives. With the approval of the biodiversity legislation earlier this year in Brazil, our product development technologies are well positioned to assist companies looking to develop high-specification and patentable products based on Brazil’s rich botanical heritage.”

SinoVeda’s range of products and services include the following.


EffectiCal® is a patented new form of multi-element calcium supplement to maintain bone health and reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis. EffectiCal® is engineered to be more soluble in the intestine and provide more useable calcium per dose than existing calcium products. Since zinc and magnesium are often depleted in patients with low calcium intake, EffectiCal® is supplemented with additional zinc and magnesium to maintain stable levels in the body. EffectiCal® also does not cause gastrointestinal side effects, such as constipation, gas, bloating, and abdominal pain, that are commonly caused by other calcium supplements.


Proflexa® is a topical cream containing a proprietary mixture of active herbal ingredients for the relief of joint pain and swelling. The formula is based upon the extensive experience of eastern medicine, modernized with SinoVeda’s pharmaceutical technologies to isolate and standardize the active ingredients. The cream formulation is designed to enhance retention and absorption of the key ingredients around the target site.

Single-Herb Products

SinoVeda has developed a range of high-specification single-herb nutritional health products that have been refined using the company’s absorption technology. In the natural health products space, many products unfortunately suffer from batch-to-batch inconsistency, leaving the consumer at risk of taking poorly controlled products that may contain very little of the natural health ingredient they are looking for. These products often mask product inadequacies by hiding behind broad ingredient labels with no guarantee that the ingredients are active or absorbable. Additional contamination by pesticides, heavy metals, and other manufacturing impurities are also commonplace.

By contrast, each of SinoVeda’s products undergoes rigorous analytical screening to ensure the presence of not only the broad ingredient categories, but also the specific underlying absorbable active ingredients. SinoVeda’s products are also free from pesticides, heavy metals, microbiologicals, and impurities.

Absorption Technology

SinoVeda employs a specialized technology to isolate the absorbable active ingredients in single-herb products to enable product labels that identify not only specific ingredients, but also the quantity of those ingredients in every bottle of manufactured product.

Pharmaceutical Platform Technology® (PPT®)

PPT® is SinoVeda’s patented development platform, which addresses one of the most difficult hurdles in herbal and botanical drug development. Most herbal treatments are extracts that contain a variety of active ingredients, which interact with each other and with multiple targets in the body. This makes it exceedingly complex to develop pharmaceuticals from botanical sources. Compounding this problem is the fact that it is extremely challenging to generate adequate manufacturing specifications that meet pharmaceutical standards.

After years of research and testing on botanicals, SinoVeda developed its Pharmaceutical Platform Technology (PPT®), which facilitates the identification of the multiple active ingredients in an extract, the absorptive profile of those ingredients, and the interaction of those active ingredients. Using PPT®, SinoVeda is able to derive the optimal combination of active ingredients for therapeutic effect and generate exact manufacturing specifications suitable for pharmaceutical development, which enables significant new patent coverage.

About SinoVeda Canada Inc.

SinoVeda Canada Inc. is a privately held, Edmonton-based health science company that uses botanical sources to develop and commercialize nutritional food ingredients, pharmaceutical-grade consumer health products, and prescription medicines. SinoVeda’s patented Pharmaceutical Platform Technology® (PPT) allows the company to isolate, quantify, and standardize the active, absorbable ingredients from botanical sources, enabling the production of unique multi-active, multi-target, and patentable products. To learn more, please visit

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