How Traditional Methods Can Make Modern Medical Magic

How Traditional Methods Can Make Modern Medical Magic

2018 Nov 7th

Despite 8 in 10 Canadians turning to natural health products as a method of preventative protection, relief and for the promotion of general well-being, there is still a sense of tension between many mainstream pharmaceutical proponents and traditional medicine. While the common (mis)perception is that pharmaceuticals have been around for a long time, much of modern medicine involves the use of chemicals that have only been discovered, developed, or synthesized within the last 200 years, By comparison, Traditional Chinese Medicine and other botanically based remedies have been practiced and refined over thousands of years. At SinoVeda, we believe that combining the technological advances of modern medicine and the longstanding benefits of traditional practices presents a holistic approach designed for success. Learn more below!

Different, But Complimentary

Traditional herbal medicine commonly uses an extract of a plant, or in many cases, several different plants, to treat an ailment or condition. These extracts contain many ingredients, each designed to work together to treat multiple symptoms and connected areas within the body. The end goal is not just to treat one symptom, but to address related ailments and their root causes. This approach is different from many Western ideologies, which promote a “magic bullet” methodology that uses one ingredient to treat an ailment or disease.

There are many strong opinions that argue in favour or against either “side, but the truth is, such division is often unnecessary. Rather than framing the discussion as “which is better?”, if your goal is overall health, the conversation can focus on “how can I best use all available resources to help me today, tomorrow, and in the years to come?” With this objective in mind, you can work closely with your physician, qualified natural health practitioners, and other medical professionals to design a plan that meets your specific needs. After all, you are your biggest asset when it comes to protecting your health!

The Science of Tradition

At SinoVeda, we believe in producing natural products that live up to their claims. To ensure our products are of the highest quality, we have developed a patented revolutionary system called Pharmaceutical Platform Technology (PPT)®. Our award-winning process identifies and quantifies active ingredients, as well as their interactions with other active ingredients to ensure optimal absorption and therapeutic efficiency.

Our PPT® approach not only allows us to leverage the best of both the traditional and modern medical worlds, but more importantly, allows us to guarantee the quality of each product for our customers. The end results are high quality pharmaceuticals sourced from natural ingredients, with results you can count on!

Learn more about how SinoVeda’s leading line of products can help treat common ailments like arthritis, osteoporosis, eczema, joint pain, and psoriasis today!