2015 Aug 17th

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SinoVeda Canada Inc. is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of Biotechnology in Hong Kong: Volume II, which includes a chapter written by company president and CSO Dr.Yun Tam. The chapter, entitled “Transforming Traditional Chinese Medicine to Mainstream Pharmaceuticals,” describes SinoVeda’s patented Pharmaceutical Platform Technology (PPT)®, the science supporting its efficacy, and its commercial applications.


“It is the belief of the author that if a technology is available to mine a set of compounds, which are responsible for the effects of an herb, there would be a reconciliation between modern and ancient medicine. Furthermore, a safe, efficacious, and patentable product could be produced.

“The scientists in Sinoveda understand the complexity of this task. We have spent more than 10 years to come up with PPT to tackle this problem. Our strategy is to start with herbs that have sporadic positive clinical trial results. This provides an indication that the herb is efficacious.

“The reason for clinical inconsistency is due to the lack of knowledge of active compounds; hence, quality control is not properly maintained. There is no surprise that if the dosages of active compounds were not standardized, the clinical effects of the product would be compromised. Our logic is that the safety profile of an herb is known after hundreds if not thousands of years of use. If the herb is shown to be clinically effective, all is required is the identification and quantification of active compounds.

“In terms of drug discovery, this approach has significant advantages over the conventional silver bullet approach. It provides human data on safety and efficacy before clinical trial begins. Consequently, the development time should be short and the cost would be low and the chance of success would be high compared to the conventional pharmaceutical drug discovery/development paradigm.”

Biotechnology in Hong Kong: Volume II will be published in August by the United States-China Intellectual Property Institute Inc. (USCIPI). The book is a consolidated effort by experts in multiple disciplines, all discussing the topic of biotechnology and its role in Hong Kong.