Here to heal you

We believe you deserve to wake up each morning feeling energetic, pain-free, and confident exactly as you are. We believe you have the power to bounce back from health challenges, and come out the other side radiating anew.

In 2006, we began SinoVeda with a simple premise: Healing should be a science. Since then, we've spent the past 15 years researching, developing, and manufacturing clinically proven and natural pharmaceuticals. Our formulas are designed to help you feel radiant from the inside, out.

Discover the science of healing with SinoVeda.






Meet our scientists


Dr. Yun Tam, BS., MSc., Ph.D.

Co-Founder, President, and CSO

With over 30 years of experience in drug discovery and development, Dr. Tam is former Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Alberta.

  • Founder of Kinetana Inc., a listed company on the GEM board of Hong Kong
  • Lead inventor of PPT
  • Five US patents which include 2 worldwide patents
  • Published over 100 papers in refereed journals
  • Editorial Board Member of Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Metabolism and Disposition
  • Reviewer Editor of Frontiers in Pharmacology, Ethnopharmacology Section
  • Member of College of Reviewers, Canadian Institute of Health Research
Dr. Nuzhat Tam-Zaman

Dr. Nuzhat Tam-Zaman, B.Pharm., M.Pharm., Ph.D.

Co-Founder and VP Consumer Health

Dr. Tam-Zaman is a pharmaceutical scientist trained in pharmacognosy and pharmacokinetics.

  • Solely responsible to successfully register 14 products with Non-Prescription Natural Health Products (NNHPD) in Canada
  • Participated in securing Self-Affirmed GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) status for EffectiCal, a product patented worldwide
  • One patent, 25 peer reviewed articles
  • Board member and Co-chair of the board of BioAlberta
  • Scientific Advisory Board Member of Hyasynth Biologicals Inc.
  • Responsible for the business development, marketing and distribution of the Consumer Health Products